Restaurant Waiter App: Improve Your Operations

honeydew pos waiter app

Before we get into the topic, here are few questions for you as a restaurant owner.

  • How much time do your waiter spend rushing between customers and your POS system ? 
  • How fast do you serve your customers ? 
  • How much time do employees spend to key in the orders from the various tables? 

Imagine if you could cut all those hours, and save all time your waiters spend rushing here and there from the customers to the POS system to key in the order;  instead you can focus on delivering delectable food and ingenious guest experiences. 

That’s the magic of a restaurant waiter app. 

The standard workflow of a waiter taking an order is this: the waiter takes the order, write down the order on a notepad, rushes to the POS system to key in the order, and then waits for the order to be ready for delivery from the kitchen or the bar station. 

By using an Android mobile waiter app, there will be no need to rush from customer to the POS system, that will reduce the serving time, increase customer satisfaction and improve your restaurant operations. The waiter app, can run in any low cost android smart phone, allows waiter to tap in an order via a handheld tablet or smart phone at the table, and send the order directly to the kitchen, eliminating the need to rush to the POS station. 

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